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Brain Rx Coaching Session with Dr. Shilpa Saxena

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 This 4-week online program offers the opportunity to take your brain health to the next level and start to feel GREAT again!  In 4 weeks, we will optimize these 6 Key Brain Functions

  • Think- attention, focus, memory, dementia prevention
  • Feel- mood regulation (e.g. full-blown depression, anxiety, panic to daily worry, etc.)
  • Sleep- falling asleep easily, staying asleep, and waking up restored
  • Pain- headaches, muscles, nerves, tightness, GI pain
  • Pleasure- reduces addictive tendencies and motivation
  • Activity Setting- transitions brain fog or hypervigilance to calm and alert


You will get:

  • Two LIVE group session with Shilpa P. Saxena, MD, IFMCP & Nicole Zeiner, CRNC - co-creators of BrainRx
  • Two one-on-one sessions with a BrainRx Coach to fine-tune your success
  • Precision Dose Plan includes food-based supplements custom to your exact needs (safe for kids and adults) + a proven BrainFood plan to keep your brain nourished for life
  • Precision dose means your dose is both effective, and avoids risky side effects from a one-dose-fits-all approach.]
  • Noticeable brain function benefits in 2 weeks without the fear of addictive or habit-forming drugs


The Program:

  • PREP:  BrainCheck- questionnaire, coach interview and case review to determine your precision dose range
  • WEEK 1:  BrainTune- Learn the science of neurotransmitters and how to fine-tune your brain’s precision dose for your life
  • WEEK 2: BrainBuild - Use your precision dose to begin to replenish your neurotransmitter levels & start feeling benefits
  • WEEK 3: BrainBuild Meet with our Brainiac team to continue to maximize your results and finetune your precision dose once more
  • WEEK 4:  BrainTain - Learn how to recognize when your brain is fully restocked and it’s time to drop to a maintenance dose

After you have purchased your session date, you will be emailed (within 24 hours) instructions on next steps with your Health Coach.


Note: Does not include cost of supplements.  You will be sent your Precision Dose Plan of supplements to order through Fullscript after your case review.  Cost of supplements is $150 a month for first 3 months and $75 a month on average if you decide to continue on your plan longer.  People have access to a happy, calm and alert brain ready to squelch old, undesired behaviors and free to create the life they always wanted.